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1. What are the advantages of searching a room on Pension.de?

The room rental portal Pension.de was founded in the 1990s and was taken over by Passion 4 Gästezimmer GmbH in 2017. Since then, we have efficiently brought holiday makers and landlords together.
Because of many years of experience on the German market we are enjoying growing popularity and have around 4 milion visits on both our room rental portals every year.
In addition to Pension.de, Passion 4 Gästezimmer GmbH manages another room rental portal called Monteurzimmer.de. On our affiliate portal you find worker rooms and fitter accommodations.
The simple and user-friendly navigation makes it easy to find the right accommodation. Our website is optimized for all devices and automatically adapts to your device - room seekers can easily find the right accommodation while on the move using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. We also offer our website in English. Room seekers and property manager therefore have no problems using our portal. Searching a room on our portal is free of charge at any time. Contacting the landlord is made directly without any intermediate steps and is therefore free of commission.

2. How does the search on Pension.de work?

At Pension.de you have the possibility to search for zip codes, quarterts, cities, districts, regions and states. If you enter a location that exists several times, select your desired location from the pop-up box.
By using the sorting, you receive the result for a city by default always rotating. That means that all listings of the same package in the city itself are listed in random order and then followed by all listings in the surrounding of 30 km sorted after their package.
When searching for a quarter, you will receive the result sorted by the package and the distance to the center of the quarter. By using the radius filter you can increase the radius. If you are looking for a zipcode, the search results appears sorted by distance from the center of the postcode area.
When searching for districts, regions and states the search result for the whole area is displayed in random order. Every 15 minutes the search result is being updated and all listings are constantly changing their position.

If available, Top-Entries are positioned above the regular list view. They are limited to eight slots and constantly rotate. The search result is also displayed in the map search. Here the total number of all listings is summarized. The further you zoom into the map, the more precise is the location of the accommodation.

You can also use the sorting filter to find the search result based on the distance to the geographic center, the price (lowest first) or the maximum number of people. Additionally you can also filter by equipment. To reserve several accommodations, you can put them to your favourites. To do so, click on the button "save" on the detailed page of the listing on the right hand side below the gallery or directly onto the star symbol in the list view.

3. How do I make a booking request?

If you have found a suitable accommodation, you can contact the landlord for example by using the integrated booking request form. As long as it is active, you can make a non-binding request for the respective accommodation. Please note, that all mandatory fiels of your request needs to be filled out.

Should you have questions that have not been answered yet, send a message to our customer support team using the contact form.

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