Lodging Pension

Accomodations Pensionen



If you manage your own www-homepage by yourself and will place a BACKLINK to us, you can get a free advertisement for 12 month - no contract, no costs, free of charge!

  • 1. Register
  • 2. After registration your Login-Key will be sent to your email. Check your email for Login-Data.
  • 3. Login and insert your advertisement.
  • 4. Place a link to www.pension.de on your homepage. Look here how it works!

The items marked with a star* are madatory



After registratin the login data for the implementation of your house-data will be sent to your email-address

It is FREE! This advertisement is free, but only if you set a backlink to www.pension.de on your own homepage. You will not be charged in any way. After 1 year you only will be asked to extend your ad. - If you are not able to place the backlink, your entry will only be erased.


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